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She also comes with an extra skirt and arm part that allow you to pose her pulling her skirt up to show off her devilish side. She comes with a standard expression, a glaring expression for combat scenes and an expression with closed eyes for her patrol route. It's a figure filled with highlights for both fans of Miku and fans of the racing team! Es können zwei bis vier Wrestler miteinander kombiniert werden.

A cute sitting pose that fits in the palm of your hand!

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Opalenik Steven Hoy Steven J. Be sure to display her with the Maria Takayama figure that will be released at the same time to complete to joint pose between the two figures! Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.

She is posed in an outfit quite different to her normal goth-loli fashion, wearing a black leotard with cat ears and a tail!

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Do I have followers from Athens Greece? From the CG anime with an impressive fan-base, 'gdgd Fairies' comes a figure set of the three fairies from the show - pkpk, shrshr and krkr!

News Wrestlingnews Updates der Homepage. Home Ask me anything Archive. Painted non-scale PVC figures with stands included. Sir Samurai Sir Sytt Jr.

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Collect them all together and enjoy the company of the Neighbor's Club whenever you like! Dabei können immer nur diejenigen Wrestler ausgewählt werden, die mit den vorab gewählten Leuten auch wirklich im Ring standen.

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Litvyak, the night-watch who specializes in combat during the hours of darkness! She is posed in a cat-like pose wearing a lovely blue leotard with adorable cat ears. Müll der neunziger Jahre. Reblogged Vor 1 Monat from masterboibinder Anmerkungen. Wie geil es sie macht ihren Kopf in die Toilette zu stecken und alles schön sauber zu lecken. Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Additional parts are also included to recreate the patrol radar she used during her night-watch. Even the dynamic posing of the hair has been preserved, as well as the unique transparent feeling of her outfit and parasol.

Reblogged Vor 1 Monat from gourmetmaso Anmerkungen. Reblogged Vor 1 Monat from gaykink88 Anmerkungen. Each approximately 60mm in height.

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Ihre Vorbestellungen Sie verfügen derzeit nicht über Vorbestellungen. Die Geschichte der XPW. Jahr auswählen A Fate Testarossa figure also wearing a swimsuit is currently in production and will also be on sale shortly after Nanoha, so be sure to display the two of them together!

She has her head tilted slightly, with an innocent smile beaming across her face - really showing off her cute side. Posts I Like Foto via gifsofprocesses. Images shown are of a colored prototype that is still in development. Sena's beautiful figure has been carefully sculpted leaving her as glamorous as always, while Kobato is seated on the floor hugging the plushie rabbit that she always carries around with her.

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